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No Cars' new album !!


released 07 May 2014



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Track Name: Northern Line
Northern Line
Track Name: Cress
I'm hooked on my cress

What is here on my legs?
It's you, my dear, loads of cress
You'll be with me till my death
My companion, you "KAIWARE"
Track Name: Jap Trap
Jap trap you set a creepy trap
Jap trap want us to be on your lap
Jap trap waving a magic wand 123 la la la
Jap trap a good guy but a boring chap
Jap trap can you stop talking crap
Jap trap you piss off fuck off and go away

I am not a substitute for your dead Jap wife
That's a futile pursue, give me up and face your life

Thinking a stereo type
Falling for the Jap wipe
Not every fruit on the tree is ripe
You're like salmon disguising tripe
Track Name: James Anderson Puppet
James Anderson Puppet waking down the street
James Anderson Puppet the kind I like to meet

Every time he go out
Everybody hits him
Everybody hits him
James Anderson Puppet

Muppet James Anderson Puppet
Track Name: Do Re Mi Farming
Do re mi farming
Do do re re mi mi farming
So do re do re mi farming
Mi fa so do re mi farming

Nighty nighty end of the day
People there just rolling in a hay

Farming farming Koda Charmine (幸田シャーミン)

Motto Motto Motto Motto Motto farming
Track Name: No Cars Theme 2
Ofuro no nakademo
Ochitsuka nakute
Dokushin kizoku ni
Yume wo miruyo
We are No Cars
Track Name: Scrabble Mug
I am always ready to compete
I will beat you like you're a total git
Cos I've got a Scrabble mug
Scrabble mug

I know lots of secrets
If you wanna play "Yes, let's"
Scrabble mug
Scrabble mug

Oh triple words and triple letters are pretty, aren't they?

Scrabble queen
Scrabble king
Using Q and C and J and Z
Oh yeah that's who I really wanna be

Don't break my little Scrabble mug
No, no
Don't break my Scrabble mug
Wanna keep forever
Track Name: 308
308 what I wanted
308 goes to Wanstead

Where are you now?
(I need a wee wee)
(I wet myself)
Track Name: Filter Coffee
Filter coffee
Oh yes filter coffee

Say no to cappuccino, say no no
Say no, sing with Brian Eno
I don't know long black flat white oh no
I'm slow, really I don't know

(Strawberry flappuccino)
Fancy drinks all suck
(Don't try to be smart)
Can't I just have one cup of

Filter coffee
Oh yes filter coffee
Track Name: Tuna tuna tuna
Tuna Tuna Tuna......!!!!!